Geomapa portfolio


Molweide Sample

Satellite World Map

  • MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) satellite data NASA, 2009
    selected spectral Bands: 1,4 and 3 into RGB space
    Ground resolution: 1 kilometer.
  • GTOPO30, global Digital Elevation Model (DEM), U.S. Geological Survey,
    for relief representation of the land area
    Ground resolution: approximately 1 kilometer.
  • HYDRO1k, global hydrological correct DEMs,
    U.S. Geological Survey, used for the relief representation of the oceans.
    Ground resolution: 1 kilometer.
  • Global GIS, Topographic data, U.S. Geological Survey
  • Map projection: Geographic Lat/Long, WGS84

Colombia Sample


Examples of map up-dating by Satellite images and Cartographic representation of Topographic and different thematic maps from a GIS Database.

Atlas de la dinámicas del Territorio Andino" 2009

Example of a map in the "Atlas de la dinámicas del Territorio Andino" 2009. The map shows the International electric network of the Andina countries (Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia)


Topographic Map of Bhutan, scale 1:250,000

  • Relief representation is derived from elevation data of SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission),NASA, 2000,Ground Resolution 90 meters
  • Contour lines and Drainage Network are derived from the same elevation data.
  • Topographic features were supplied by the Dept. of Survey and Land Records, Ministry of Agriculture, Bhutan.


Orthophoto Land-use map

Orthophoto Land-use map at scale 1:5000, Turialba, Costa Rica, data obtained by field survey